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Java John Goldacker - So, I mentioned I had some stories to share...one of the craziest starts on the night of the Rod Stewart concert, November 1977....

About half of the shows we went to at the Sporto we snuck into...usually over the wall. Well, at the Rod Stewart gig they had strung up barbed wire on that wall. It sucked!! I got a few jabs on my hands, and ankles. Not a big deal...
The next week BOB SEGER was playing. Again, could not afford a ticket, so over the wall it was! It wasn't so bad the week before, I'll try again! Plus, I'd seen Bob the year before at the Miami Baseball Stadium, so I was not going to miss this one!
So I get a boost up on the wall, but I get a little more cut up by the barbed wire...mostly because they had strung DOUBLE EDGED RAZOR BLADES on it. BASTARDS! That, and while I'm up there, a cop is trying to get me down from the outside, and a security guard wanted me on the inside. I opted for the security guard. lol

So, jump of the wall, inside. The guard roughly grabs my arms and says to come with him. I tell him that "you got me, chill out I'm coming, I'll be cool.". So he lets go. As we pass the stairs on the outside of the building, I make a break for it!! The guy tackles me on the steps. Now my knees and elbows a scraped up too. Then he takes me to this small room on the outside of the bldg.
We go in this room, and I don't know what to expect...is he was going to call the cops, or kick my ass? Zeppelin's concert movie "Song Remains the Same" came out six months earlier, and there were some rough scenes of cops kicking gatecrashers asses. I was sweatin' it.
So the security guard tells me to sit, and he turns around and goes thru a door. I notice my pinkie has a nasty gash from knuckle to knuckle on the outside from the razor blade on the barbed wire. (I was fairly high, so I didn't feel it much.) Bleeding a bunch, I take off my flannel shirt, and wrap it around my hand. Then I asked the other guy in the room if he is with security. He says no, and I BOLT for the door! LOL! Back to the stairs, I ran all the way to the top...and IN! I was IN!! Kool.

Now I'm in the show, Seger takes the stage, awesome as usual, and I make my way to the front like I always do. Only I'm bleeding all over the place from my little finger. Some folks are getting pissed, but I make it thru the gig without having to fight anyone! (My apologies if I bled on you!!)

The show ends, and I can't find my friends that I came with. I'd not seen them since we got there, and I've got to get back to South Miami. I go out to the road and stick thumb out...heading WEST. We always took the back way, basically thru the everglades! That was our short cut to Miami.
So I'm standing there, thumb out, pinkie dripping blood at my side. Several people tell me I don't look so great as they pass by. Someone says I should visit a nearby ambulance. "Naw! I'm good." I saw. Next thing I know the ambulance is backing up to me. A nurse comes out and asks me to come inside. "Okaaaaay...I guess, but I'm alllright!!". As soon as I get in I laid down on the stretcher...and pass out!!

When I come to, I'm in a nearby hospital, and they are putting 10 stitches in my finger, and ask me if I need a pain killer. Hell Yeah!! They had me call my Dad, in South Miami, at his favorite bar. On a date. Lol!
At least he came and got me! Always did...


Kathy Smith Fox - Too many concerts to remember at the Sporto...some called it the scumatorium, the slumatorium, but you know they loved it! It was way out in BFE, and I lived in W Pembroke Pines which was "way out west" back in the day, and it took a long time to get there from my house. I saw many hair/metal bands...Bon Jovi, Leppard, Motley, GNR, etc as well as great rock bands like Journey and Boston. Ahhhh...great memories. 

Keith Tenhagen - I grew up in Sunshine Ranches and went to more concerts at the Sport-hole than I can remember. I seen every major concert there from ZZTop/Point Blank on oct 2 1976 on. I seen Skynyrd 3 days before their plane crash. Watched Mahogany Rush record the Live album on Oct 2nd 1977 at Octoberfest. My father was the city Attorney for the city of Miramar and was the one that annixed the land for Steven Calder in 1969 when they built the building.

Stacy Scott - Van Halen 1984, rod stwerat, madonna like a virgn tour, judas priest, grateful dead, billy joel , elton john....all in high school!!!    

Scott Pirtle - So many concerts. So few memories thanks to that cloud that was always hanging over the crowd.


Jim Gillen - Foreigner Double Vision Tour with The Cars opening up and playing their 1st album......1978....Fought our way up to the front (general admission) before the Who tragedy in Cincinnati changed it all....Still have the t-shirt

Fred Sower - The last show I saw at the Sportatorium was one of the last EVER there: AC/DC on the Blow Up Your Video Tour. I vividly remember one of the cannons catching a whole row of seats on fire when it backfired during "For Those About to Rock." They were in no hurry to put the fire out as they really didn't give a shit. Haha!   (ote from Suzzy, that would be Pyro Pete!)

Patricia Kennedy Campbell - LOVED the Sportatorium..... can u say "contact buzz"....lol. saw so many concerts there, best memory was Lynyrd Skynyrd right before their plane crashed.... oh and Nugent coming out swinging on his tarzan rope..... ahhhh the memories

Mike Vendetti - Alice Cooper's 'Welcome To My Nightmare' was one of the best concerts I have attended. It was amazing. I think it was around 75'-76'.

Jim Gillen - Anyone remember Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush opening for Aerosmith in 1978??

Donna Marie Vignari- Quinones - I do remember Frank Marino and mahogany rush headlining the Rock and Roll Marathon with mothers finest an angel and that show it was in the pouring rain and the parking lot was a mud pit great show memorable awesome my Camaro is dirty but oh well rock and roll lives on and so

Joy Herro - Good ole "Sporto"! That was great place! I went to many concerts there and don't forget the speedway! Saw Elton, Kansas, Neil Diamond, Jethro Tull (Ian Anderson said HI to me:), even saw Reba, when she was just starting out! I worked there also for a few years at the snack bar. Sometimes we even got to serve beer! (great tips:) and GREAT memories!


Teresa Mericle - My first Concert was Reo-Speedwagon ,opening for Bad Company! the only bitch was the traffic.you had to leave at 4pm to get there on time. the two laner gave you time to party before you got there.

Dennis Andrews - My very first concert was the tear gas filled Rush show...I thought that was the norm. Never saw that place without some sort of haze...

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