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Crew Page

Staging Crew

Wally Gator welcomed back home by the Sporto crew

Left to right: Dave Gold, Keith Hellebrand, Wally Thomas, Eddie Santiago, Frankie Townsend, Suzzy Hald

Gary K, Elmer V, Eddie S, Juan Z
Still together after 30 years

Eddie, Suzzy and Gary 30 years later
Courtesy Jeffrey Hald

Billy Humphries with Conan and Stu
Courtesy Suzzy Hald

Courtesy Suzzy Hald

Security Crew

Sporto Security crew backstage Isley Brothers
July 31 1978

Left to right: Ken Jarolem, Steve Popkin, Mark Fischer, David Popkin, Jeff Pinkcus, Jeff Garllin, Eric Ruoff, Jerry Rothman

Pay stub from Willie Nelson
Courtesy of Ken Jarolem

Buddy Jennings Sporto CPA
Courtesy Suzzy Hald

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